Rear Loader Compactors
Rear Loader Compactors


The classic rear loader compactor with tailgate is the perfect solution to satisfy a wide range of collection service needs. Thanks to the numerous configurations available, it can be used as a transfer vehicle and as an active collection vehicle. Modern technology applied to a powerful and reliable structure with a high compaction ratio: the basis of every organised collection service.

Among the various possible configurations, in addition to the 2.8 mc tailgate, there is also the smaller one 2 mc: the ideal solution for 2-axle chassis.
However, the same large internal useful width is maintained to facilitate the conferment from satellite vehicles. 

A solution designed with the utmost attention to service needs. The particularly low loading level makes easier the manual loading for the operators. 
The lowering and lifting movement can be easily operated with a hydraulic or pneumatic control system.

Application fields

  • Municipal solid waste


Optional accessories

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