Containers for side collection

Simmetric bi-lateral waste Container suitable for Mechatronic devices - ME

Containers suitable for mechatronic devices
Thanks to the development of new separate waste collection as well as systems based on “waste tariff collection” a new line of side loading containers is now introduced. Instead of a free full opening of
the lid, we have a turning/rotating semi-drums by an identification system working by a transponder badge.
Alternatively RST-ME container could be characterized by an “access control" : at first the half-lid is loosed by the user identification, by means a transponder badge; secondly by the pedal. In order
to get a standard production, an European technical standard for the mechatronic devices application to any waste collection containers, is going to be approved.
This container model can offer standard mechatronic customized solutions in order to avoid any structural or functional troubles.

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